VRBO: The Greatest Vacation Rentals Provider


VRBO is a rental company with a global reputation of offering extensive first-class online vacation rental services to travellers.  Additionally, VRBO is an acronym for Vacation Rentals by Owner.  The firm’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas under the administration of John Kim. VRBO currently has countless locations in the USA and over one hundred sites in different countries worldwide.

David Clouse founded the company in 1995 in Aurora, Colorado, to provide rental owners and property managers with temporary property listing services. The launch was after he developed a website to enable him to rent his Breckenridge condo to travellers.  Moreover, VRBO has dramatically evolved and experienced tremendous growth in the past twenty-four years. Today, Expedia Group owns the firm after its acquisition from Home Away 2015, and it rebranded on March this year.

Product Range

Generally, the firm provides travellers globally with a vast collection of exceptional vacation rentals of their style at affordable costs. Examples include condos, beach houses and cabins.

Moreover, these properties enable the customers to have unforgettable vacation experiences and enjoy benefits like more privacy, space and access to various amenities.

Additionally, VRBO achieves its mission by providing different homeowners and property managers worldwide with opportunities to rent their properties to their customers per the company's policies.

Organization and Employees

VRBO has an excellent organization that values transparency, participative culture and positive working environment.

Employees enjoy benefits like medical insurance, versatile working hours, 401k plan, and three months of maternity and paternity leave. Moreover, reviews on Trustpilot.com illustrate mixed reactions from customers.


For instance, some laud VRBO for its extensive collection of vacation homes, secure payments and easy access to its booking services. However, others complain of unresponsive customer care personnel, higher fees, and lack of consumer protection by the insurance liability.

Awards and Recognition

The company’s success in the vacation rental industry has enabled it to be recognized both in the USA and internationally. The recent awards include being the winner of Gold Magellan Award, Top 10 Employer Brand in Austin as well as Top 10 Coolest Offices in Asia. Others are Top 100 Internship Programs of 2017 and the top firm in Newsweek’s Best Customer Services of 2018.


VRBO’s is a fast-growing and innovative vacation rental company which focuses on providing exceptional vacation rentals to its clients worldwide. Notably, its dominance in the rental industry over the last two decades indicates its commitment towards the satisfaction of travellers as well as homeowners and rental managers. However, it is imperative for VRBO to address customers’ complaints for them to improve its competitive edge in the market.

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