TopHatter is the next big shopping site

If you love finding great deals online, you’ve probably used eBay a few times to find discounted prices on new and used items.

Here enters Tophatter, an auction site like eBay that is rapidly growing in popularity. While the Tophatter shopping model is similar to eBay, the shopping experience is drastically different.

Answering the question, “How does Tophatter work?” comes from understanding what makes Tophatter one of the most popular auction apps.

For shoppers, using the Tophatter app and website can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience due to the unique Tophatter shopping model.

Real-Time Tophatter Live Auctions

Tophatter live auctions are unique for two reasons: items are constantly up for bidding, and each auction only lasts for 90 seconds.

Each Tophatter item has a green “Bid” button with the current amount and shipping charges, if applicable. Beneath this button, a timer continuously runs to let shoppers know when their bidding time is running out.

Immediate Gratification

Although Tophatter is an auction site like eBay, one of the biggest differences between the two is the immediacy of Tophatter. Auction items on eBay may take days to sell, but all Tophatter live auctions are designed to last only a minute and a half.

The benefit to this is that shoppers don’t need to wait around—the Tophatter app provides immediate gratification, with shoppers winning bids in a matter of minutes.

Steep Discounts

Tophatter shopping offers incredible discounts, including up to 80 percent off jewelry, electronics, beauty, and fashion.

For bargain hunters, the low prices on Tophatter may make it the best site like eBay to consider.

Authenticity Guarantee

While many items on the Tophatter app are not branded, there are quite a few listings for high-end purses and accessories.

In these cases, Tophatter offers an Authenticity Guarantee that allows shoppers to return items that they do not believe are authentic brands.

Search, Set Reminders, & Buy Now

If the Tophatter live auctions don’t have what you’re looking for, you can always search the entire Tophatter shopping catalogue to find items that have not yet been moved to the live auction portion.

You can then decide to set a reminder for Tophatter to notify you when the item goes up for auction, or you can choose to buy the item immediately without going through the auction process.

Is Tophatter Legit?

Based on investment transparency and recognition from a respected financial publication, our review would conclude that yes, Tophatter is legit.

Is Tophatter Safe?

With the option to use PayPal and 128-bit encryption, the Tophatter app and Tophatter shopping site both appear to have taken every possible safety precaution to protect sensitive information.

Conclusion: Is the Tophatter App Worth It?

Tophatter shopping offers an entertaining, and wholly interactive shopping experience, making it one of the most unique auction sites like eBay.

It’s also hard to beat the prices and bargains on auction apps like the Tophatter app. With bids starting as low as $1, it’s almost too easy for shoppers to snag items at a fraction of the cost.

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