Ross Simons: Fabulous Jewelry at Great Prices

Ross Simons is a jewelry retailer operating in the USA which has supplied quality jewelry since 1952. This leading retailer focuses on CZ, diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewelry categories; and Gold, silver, platinum, and vintage jewelry. Moreover, it also deals with luxury items. Ross Simons has both a retail and online presence; the latter being an important aspect of modern marketing. In total, the company mails about 50 million catalogs annually which show that is an impressive operation.

The first store was in Rhode Island and the brand has consistently grown into a reliable supplier of quality jewelry.  At the moment, there are retail stores in Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Natick, and Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts among other stores across the USA. Darrell Ross serves as the current Chief Executive Officer.

Product Range

This company focuses on jewelry, designer collections, engagement rings, and estate jewelry and luxury gift among other fine items. This industry means that the company has to scour across the world for suitable minerals at competitive prices. The specific jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, and bridal jewelry. There are options for men, women and even children.  In general, it is a great shopping location for your jewelry and luxury item needs.

Organization and Customer Service

The company has a great organization with employees generally giving an excellent account of the workforce. This is because of the open nature of the workplace and a decent tenure of employees. Additionally, the company has 401k, health and paid leave arrangements for employees. These are positive measures to ensure morale and performance. The employees, in turn, are overwhelmingly responsive and in tune with customers.


This is a tricky affair for a number of reasons. Chief among them, of course, is that the nature of this product means that customer satisfaction is case by case. As such, it is common to find mixed reviews on Ross Simons. There are plenty of positive reviews as well as some negative. The positive reviews are mostly to do with delivery and reliability which are excellent. On the other hand, some customers take issue with what was delivered versus the images in the online profiles. Nonetheless, you won’t find allegations as to non-delivery and fraud. The prices also seem to be fair to most customers.


In general, Ross Simons is a great service that has a reputation for quality luxury products. The years of growth in this competitive industry are enough indicator of commitment to customer needs. It is a place you can certainly shop for your luxury and jewelry needs.

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