Intuit: Financial Software Enterprise Expert


Intuit is America’s top public financial software enterprise which specializes in developing and selling personal finance, accounting and tax return software for individuals, accountants and small-scale businesses. The corporate is headquartered in Mountain View, California under the leadership of Sasan Goodsrzi. The firm went public in 1993.

Scott Cook and Tom Proulx cofounded Intuit, Inc in 1983 at Palo Alto, California. The discovery was after their realization for the need for personal computers as replacements for paper and pencil –based individual accounting.

The company’s popularity translated to surging sales forcing them to diversify their product offerings over the years.  For instance, Intuit introduced Quicken products and launched QuickBooks for small enterprises in 1984 and 1992, respectively.

Additionally, during the late 1990s, the firm introduced online banking and bill payment services, Quicken Mortgage as well as relaunched Quicken. At the moment, the firm has over 15 million customers and over 9,000 employees across the globe working from 19 locations in nine countries earning them over $5 billion in 2018.

Product Range

The company focuses on offering products which consumers love and trusts, such as the personal QuickBooks for the self-employed, mint, Turbo and the TurboTax software packages up to 60 percent discounts. 

Besides, the firm provides small-scale entrepreneurs with QuickBooks, checks and tax forms as well as payments and multiple payrolls goods. Accountants also enjoy purchasing items like ProSeries, ProConnect online Tax online, Lacerte as well as their well-designed QuickBooks.

Apart from that, individuals can get flexible plans for their enterprises by using the company’s self-employed bundle and the latest self-employed live tax bundles products.

Organization and Employees

Intuit is committed to its mantra “Powering prosperity to All” by upholding integrity, respect and passion at the workplaces and global community outreach programs for its exceptional success.

Moreover, employees are passionate and commitments towards promoting sustainability at their offices and local communities through the use of renewable energy, environment cleanups and educational outreach.

Awards and Recognition

The company has been featured in several awards and recognition for its excellent customer-friendly services and unique work culture. Examples are Peoples Magazines Companies That Care, Forbe's America's Best Employer Diversity as well as the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work.



Intuit is the ultimate destination if you want to prosper in life in this information age. Business owners and individuals can use the company products and see their enterprises thriving because of the perfect tools for efficient accounting records and tracking financial activities.

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