Home Depot shopping secrets

There’s a reason why Home Depot is America’s most loved home improvement store. Home Depot saved the day during our kitchen remodeling job. We found everything we needed, from tile to cabinets to faucets, all in one stop, and all with handy how-to instructional guides and a helpful staff available to answer our numerous questions. After that great experience, I now head there first for every home project I want to tackle! Here’s how you can keep those home improvement costs low and get the most for your money at Home Depot:

Save up to 50% Off:

On top of Home Depot's already consistently great prices and constant sales, their Special Buy of the Day offers up to 50% off on a different home essential item. However, it is only for one day. Check back daily to see what’s up for grabs. If you see a deal you want, get it while you can because quantities are limited, and tomorrow the sale will be over!

Free Delivery, Hook Up & Haul Away:

Home Depot has a wide variety of home appliances for sale, from refrigerators to new bathtubs. When you buy an appliance from a Home Depot store or online, check to see if it’s eligible for the free delivery and hook up service, since many appliances are. They’ll also haul away your old appliance for you at the same time that your new appliance is delivered for added convenience.

Use In-Store Pick-Up and Skip the Line:

For those projects that just can’t wait, buy online quickly and easily. You can then swing by your local Home Depot for in-store pick-up of the items you just ordered. This is an excellent way to not only save money, but to save time and skip having to run around the store for each item, and then wait in a checkout line.

Low Price Guarantee Backed by a 10% Bonus:

If you find your purchase at a lower price from another local retailer, Home Depot doesn’t just match their price—they’ll beat it by 10%.

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