3 Outstanding Reasons Nike Is Better Than Adidas

The clash between two of the world’s biggest athletic shoe brands is no secret. Nike and Adidas do not get along, and their competition to claim the two biggest sneaker markets in the world, the United States and China, has gotten so heated that some have even called their faceoff a war.

Both are great brands, but there are a number of reasons Nike is the clear winner.

Current Nike endorsements include: Carmelo Anthony, Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Ray Allen, DJ Augustin, Mike Bibby, Dre Bly, Michael Finley, Richard Hamilton, April Holmes, Juwan Howard, Joe Johnson, Andruw Jones, Kevin Martin, Quentin Richardson, CC Sabathia, Bobby Simmons, Jason Taylor, Gerald Wallace, Josh Howard, Michael Crabtree, Dwight Freeney, LaMarr Woodley, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba.

But let’s be honest. It’s not just the people that wear Nike shoes that make it a great brand.

It’s the shoes themselves.


Nike is Producing Innovative Concepts

Rather than following the pack, Nike is constantly testing new products in order to make a better shoe for all athletes. A few of their latest creations include:

3-D Printed Soles: Some people think 3D printers are a fad, but Nike sees them as an imaginative way to take the sports shoe to the next level. Not only do these soles look amazing, but since they’re made with a 3D printer they can be created for specific individuals and catered to their unique feet.

One Piece Leather Uppers: An upper on a shoe is basically everything but the sole. Typically, uppers are created from multiple pieces of material as it is difficult to get the shape required from one piece of fabric. However, Nike has invented a beautiful shoe that boasts a seamless upper which will allow for greater style and flexibility.

Sneakers Created From Recycled Ocean Plastic: While these shoes weren’t available for purchase by everyone, they are a clear demonstration of Nike’s ingenious use of recycled materials and their concern for the environment.

With all these innovations, it’s clear this company isn’t waiting for the future to come to them.

Nike Only Produces Top Quality Shoes

Innovation and quality doesn’t always go hand in hand, but with Nike, one doesn’t make sense without the other.

On the off-chance you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Nike has a first rate Customer Service system that will make certain things are made right.

Nike is the Badge of Sport

It is Nike's goal to be the foremost athletic brand in the world. Therefore, everything they do is rooted in sports. The brand mark, according to Nike, “Is the sharp end of our spear, seen on innovative products, as well as with the world’s best athletes, teams, and events.”

This commitment began with Nike's founder, Phil Knight. His motivation was to make all athletes perform better in the sport of their choice. Nike continues to focus on athletes and have carried through with Knight's wishes to make Nike the perfect shoe choice for every athlete.

Pick Up Your Pair of Nike Today

According to Highsnobiety, “What makes the American brand so exciting right now is the two opposing directions it’s moving in – honoring its illustrious past, while looking ahead with avant-garde designer collaborations and innovative new concepts.”

Whether you’re looking for the perfect shoe to hit the tennis court, shoot some hoops, or slide into after several laps in the pool, Nike has you covered. When you purchase an Nike product, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality combined with the latest technology. What more could you want?

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